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The Freezer Tiki Bar

The Freezer 



We met at the Chase Bank parking lot on Van Dyke near Dale Mabry.  In our group, we had six Vettes and 13 members - Jerry & Terri G, Wally and Julie Z, Robin D and Bonnie G, Ed B, Jerry M, Debbie R, Dan & Cathy B, and John & Irene H.  As we headed north on Hwy 41 and passed through Land O' Lakes, David G and Rose B joined the caravan.  We had a great cruise (about an hour) to Homasassa and for the most part, managed to stay together in a string of 7 Corvettes - a beautiful thing to see on the highway.   Dan and Cathy B led the pack and did a great job of keeping us together.

The Freezer Tiki Bar is about as far from "class" as you can get, but about the best kind of place to find good seafood.  The atmosphere was perfect for our "laid back" group.  We had a blast and enjoyed some really good food. 

Rain was forcast for later in the day, but we had great weather for our cruise to Homasassa and back. The rain held off until we all had time to get home and put our Vettes in their nice dry garages.  It was a great outing.


- Jerry M

Our group ready to head out

Our Group

Our Vettes ready to roll

Our Vettes

Dan, Rose & Dave

Our Vettes and . . . . ????

Nice view from my rear view mirror

Is this a "swank" place or what?

OK.  It's lunch time.  Heading for the grand entrance

The fancy entrance lobby

A Ford Woodie

Right on the water

Great "seafood" atmosphere

Inside the joint

Looking out toward the harbor

Another inside view

Stone Crab

Bucket of scallops?

Irene, John & Robin ready to order

The menu posted at the entrance

Yummmm.  Mullet Dip

The crab is just soooo good

Wally and Jerry G

Shrimp - just the picture makes your mouth water


Crab legs and shrimp

Irene, John, Bonnie & Robin ready to eat

Ed, Rose, Dave, Debbie, Cathy and Dan

Our group outside

Wally, Julie, Jerry and Terri

Another view of the harbor

Ed knows how to get his money's worth out of a mullet

Bonnie by the Tiki Hut

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