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Ethnic Dining - Thai Haven


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On this rainy Saturday morning, we met at the Bob Evans Restaurant on Morris Bridge Road.  Nancy showed up at 10:30 with the maps.  Yeah, the maps didn't match the GPS in the car, but we still traveled on and the distance was actually shorter to Winter haven.  The comment was "just like homecomng for Newsome High School" last fall.  Rain before we got there.  Rain all during the ride. Rain during lunch, and more rain travelling to Jerry and Vilawan's beautiful house for yummy desserts. We had 20 members and 2 guests who were here from Austria to visit Betty G.  We had 12 cars that included some everyday cars - like Arnaldo's cute Turbo Mini Cooper.  John and Frances had their new 2015 Crystal Red coupe and Frank G's bright yellow 2015 was there to make it a pair of spankin' new Vettes.  Many thanks to Vilawan for suggesting this event.  Everyone enjoyed the feast.  See ya on the next trip . . . . 





The Thai Haven Restaurant in Winter Haven (on a rainy day)

Vilawan making sure they're ready for us

While we dined, our Vettes got soaked

OK, we're out of the rain and ready to eat.  Sure smells good in here.

Study those menus - a lot to pick from

Some good conversations while we wait for our orders





Marshall - happy in spite of the rain 

Frances & John

(our brand new Vette is out there getting soaked)

Frank with Debbie

Rich, Marge, Vilawan & Jerry

Wally & Julie

Frank's friends from Austria

Wayne & Butch

Vilawan with our waitresses


Nancy - making sure everyone is taken care of

Living room conversations

After lunch we drove to Vilawan's kitchen for dessert

Kitchen conversations

Joan & Merve 

We had Czechoslovakian Pastry

. . .and Rum Cake

Rich & Marge

Joan & Merve

Dave & Carol with our hostess



Randy homing in on the goodies

Wayne & Butch kickin' back

Carol with Merve & Joan

. . and Thai Yellow Bean Custard (topped with . . can you believe it, . . fried onions)

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