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St. Armand's Circle


We met at Bob Evans on Fletcher Ave.  and headed south down I-75 to Sarasota.  Near Ellenton, I-75 became one big parking lot.  For several miles, we would move forward about 20 or 30 feet and stop.  Move 20 or 30 feet and stop again.   When it finally cleared up (all for no obvious reason), we breathed a big sign of relief.  We finally got to Sarasota.  And, "OUILA !", another surprise.  There was a huge art show going on at the circle and traffic was at least as bad as we had it on I-75.  We had to break up and scatter to find individual parking spots - no sticking together.  But we made it and actually most of us parked pretty close together.  Then we walked about half a mile to the restaurant where we had reservations for lunch - Cha Cha Coconuts.  Pretty good place to eat.  After a good meal and some good time chatting with each other, we headed out, each on his own way.   Traffic problems forgotten, we enjoyed being together - AS ALWAYS.

Getting together

Rose, Suzy, Candy, Vilawan,

David, Jim, Frank, Theresa

Just us babes

Rose, David, Suzy, Theresa, Frank, Jerry

I-75 Parking Lot

St. Armand's Circle Traffic Jam

Jim & Suzy found a parking spot

Here come Frank and Theresa.  They found a spot.

Heading for the restaurant

Cha Cha Coconuts Restaurant

In Cha Cha Coconuts

OK, let's eat

Some beautiful art work

Some weird art work

An artist's dog no doubt

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