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2-Entrance to Dining Room.png

Entrance to dining area

3-Vilawan With Abuelo (Grandfather) & Boy.JPG

Vilawan with Abuelo (Grandfather) & boy

4-Wall Mural.JPG

Wall Mural

5-Wall Mural.JPG

Wall Mural

6-Wall Mural.JPG

Wall Mural

7-Wall Mural.JPG

Wall Mural

8-Our Table before the crowd arrives.JPG

Our table before the crowd arrived

16f-Vilawan, Debbie, Suzy & Jim.jpg

Vilawan, Debbie, Suzy & Jim

16g-Tom, Candy & Jerry.jpg

Tom, Candy & Jerry

11-Studying the menu.JPG

Studying the menu

12-Ready to order.JPG

Ready to order

16c-Arnaldo & Laura.jpg

Arnaldo & Laura

16e-Candy & Jerry.jpg

Candy & Jerry


They're called Jalepenos, John

13-John, Dan, Cathy, Phil, Arnaldo, Laura Tom, & Candy.JPG

John, Dan, Cathy, Phil, Arnaldo, Laura, Tom & Candy


Yummmm. Worth waiting for

16b-Dan & Cathy.jpg

Dan & Cathy

16d-Phil & Arnaldo.jpg

Phil & Arnaldo

14-Cathy "This stuff is hot"  Dan, "Mmmmpphhhfff".JPG

CATHY, "This stuff is hot." DAN. "Mmmmppphhfff"

15-Vilawan, Debbie, Suzy, Jim, David, Rose, Nancy & Randy.JPG

Vilawan, Debbie, Suzy, Jim, David, Rose, Nancy & Randy

16-The group.JPG

The group

17-The cars.jpg

The cars

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