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On this page we post current information that is of general interest to our members and visitors to our site.  For current information specfically related to Corvettes, see "Corvette News" in the ABOUT CORVETTES section of this website.


We just received this very nice happy 30th anniversary note from the daughter of one of our club founders.  Considering the source we really appreciate her nice comments.  Marianne, come visit us any time you can.

It will be a great honor for us.

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Subject: Happy 30th Anniversary!

Message: Hello Sun-n-Fun Vettes: I wanted to wish a Happy Anniversary to the club. I remember 30 years ago when my Dad, Tony Stegall, and Tom Perkins were brewing the idea of this corvette club thing and thinking to myself "Oh boy, here we go"....and "GO" they did! My brother, Chris, and I have so many great memories of being part of Sun-n-Fun Vettes from 1992 until our Dad passed in 2005. It's really special for us to have been a part of the club from its infancy and to know that it is still going strong through others who share Dad and Tom's passion for corvettes and fun. By the way, Dad's silver 1984 Crossfire still rides the roads of Tampa Bay.


Happy 30th and Save the Wave!


Marianne (Stegall) Moore

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