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Solomon's Castle


It was a Saturday morning and we all met at Bob Evans leaving at approximately 9:30.  We headed out going South on I-75 when Suzy mentioned gas, I realized I forgot to gas up this morning.  Well needless to say I found out how fast I really can go...  I was the last car and before you knew it I was passing everyone like I was going crazy.  I got off at the Brandon exit to gas up and then had to speed again to catch up to everyone else.  Luckily, Jim S caught up with Speedy Willie and slowed him down.  They pulled off at the rest area and we were able to get all caught up.  We then continued down the highway and picked up Nancy and Randy at the exit and off we went to Solomon's Castle.  We arrived and decided to go eat at the Boat in the Moat restaurant.  What great food they have.  We were scheduled at 1PM for our tour of the Castle and the fantastic artistry of Mr Solomon.  Everyone had a great time.


Members who made it for this outing were Tami and Dave L, Phil and Janet R, Randy and Nancy R, Debbie and Fred C, Jim and Suzy S, and Willie L. Jr. and his son Justin.


  • -- Debbie R

  • Thanks to Suzy S and Willie L for the pictures

King Solomon's Castle

The Castle

The Castle

To the Boat on the Moat for lunch before we start our castle tour

Boat on the Moat Restaurant

Boat on the Moat Restaurant

Tami & Dave L and

Janet & Phil R

Randy & Nancy R. Rose B and David G, Debbie & Fred C, and Justin & Willie Jr L.

Jim S, David & Carol C, and Debbie R

Waiting to enter the castle

Weird art work

The Alamo (almost)

Zany art work

Lots of art work

More art work

Cool train

Neat merry-go-round

King Solomon's work shop

The man behind it all

King Solomon

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