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2016 Christmas Party

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Christmas Party


We had a good turn out for our 2016 Sun 'n Fun Vettes Christmas party.   Plenty of good food and plenty of good people.  After gorging on turkey and ham and all the fixin's, we had our "Chinese gift exchange".  It went slow for a while, but finally people got into the groove of stealing gifts from other people.  Guess the inhibitions had to drop a little first.  Lots of fun.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and we'll all look forward to a happy and prosperous new year.  And a year packed with club events.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

- Jerry M

Howz that for a cake !!

Julie & Terri

CJ & Carolyn

Irene and John H, Harold, Hannah, & Alice W

Gary, John & John Jr.

Da grits is ready

Follow me to the chow line

Our Tree

Ed, Frances Jerry G and Wally

Marge and Suzy

Carolyn and Dave C and Jim S


Nancy & Randy R, Dave & Tami L, and Paul & Carolyn S

Time to eat

Cathy & Debbie R

Look at all those gifts

Jimmy R

Jim S & Jerry M

Frank G (can't get any happier than that) & Cathy B

John & John Jr.

Paul, Tami & Dave

Good food

Santa's Boots

Stop talking.  Start eating.

Nice tree

Debbie - always coordinating

Tom & Ginger

Arnaldo & Laura made it through the gate

Mike & Ray


Jim B & Olga

Gary, Trish & Debbie 

Jim just stole a gift

Debbie getting the gift exchange started

John got the Corvette he was hoping for

Midge on her way to pick a gift

All Arnaldo got was this stinkin' hat

The tag says "Old guys rule"

Lucky Laura - she got a cup.

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