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Christmas Party 2015


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It was a cold and wintry. . . um, well, actually it was a hot and muggy Saturday, December 12th - time for members and guests of Sun 'n Fun Vettes to turn out for the club's annual Christmas party.  Once again we used the clubhouse at The Groves in Lutz which is home to a lot of our members.  We had a good turn out and really enjoyed our get together - good company, good conversations, good food (LOTS of good food), and dancing.  Thanks to all the people that worked behind the scenes to decorate, have the food brought in, and take care of the many other little things necessary to make this such a pleasant evening with friends and holiday cheer.  A tip of the hat to you all.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Members and their families.  See you next year....


Note:  Sorry, I was filling in as photographer and I "ain't" a photographer.  Some of the pictures shown are a bit fuzzy, and some I deleted because they were a "bit beyond a bit fuzzy."  If you don't see your picture, it isn't because you were slighted. - Jerry

Nice Turnout

Good Group

Alice, Harold & Hannah

Bill & Cynthia

Dave & Carol

Rose & David

Denise & Chuck

Gary & Trish


Ed & John


Good conversations

Jack & Merrie

Jerry G

Jim & Debbie

Jim & June J.

Jim & Suzy S.

Jim B. & Olga

John & Frances W

John & John Jr.

Lyndranette & Willie Jr.

Merrie & Sandy

'scuse me, but what's goin' on here ??


Pat & Mike H

Terry G

Julie & Wally

The Cake

David & Rose

Rose & Twinkle Toes

Carolyn & Paul S

Terry & Jerry G

Yum !!!

Dancing - Paul & Carolyn

Terry & Jerry

Hey !!!  Whaaaattt ????

Sandy & Lewis

Tom & Ginger


Chuck & Denise

Randy & Nancy and Jack & Merrie

Line Dancing

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