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Mystery Cruise - Fred's Market


It was a beautiful  Valentine's Day morning in the high 40's, thank goodness no wind. Carolyn and Paul, Debbie, Ken, Marshall and Libby, John and Frances, Nancy and Randy with red roses for the occasion.  Jerry and Vilawan joined us later in the cruise.   We showed up at Lowe's on Bruce B Downs to travel on our mystery cruise to Fred's Country Kitchen in Lakeland.  We traveled down back roads and no expressway to our breakfast / lunch meal.    Willie showed up in his truck and we razed him about going with us, but he was on a trip to Lowe's anyway.  Needless to say, everyone wants to go out to eat on Valentine's and we waited patiently for our seating time.  Nancy was told to call an hour and half ahead of time, which she did and we still waited roughly 15 minutes. So, no problem we weren't in a hurry.  The only hurry was to get in line for the buffet before the breakfast items were G o n e.  We talked and enjoyed the company for about and hour and half, then headed out to take more pictures.  The waitresses wanted to see the cars out the window so we did a drive by and parked for our pictures.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy this location...see you next time.

The group - Carolyn, Paul, Libby, Marshall, Frances, Willie (Just stopped by for a visit), John, Debbie, Randy, Ken, (Nancy taking the pix)

The Cars

The Group waiting to be seated

OK.  No talking now. Just E-A-T

The Cars

The Cars

The Cars

Let's sit down & eat

Everyone - Stop eating and look at the camera

The Food - Yuuummmm 

The food will be here soon

Chomp - chomp- chomp

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