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Woody's River Roo


It was a bright sunny day and we were getting ready for another cruise.  We all met at Bob Evans and started out around 12:15pm heading South to E. Bradenton.  It was a nice cruise led by John and Francis keeping it at 68! (no less and no more) LOL. Sorry private joke you had to be there....Back on track we headed out south to our destination Woody's River Roo Pub & Grill. We were met by Nancy & Randy doing what they do best...directing & parking the cars.  We arrived during the busiest time of the day so Nancy & Randy were trying to hold spots for us and they did a good job.  Only one of us had to park down yonder in the furniture store parking lot (John K).  Although I think he did that on his own.

We all got parked and then went inside to our tables - a good spot to the side under the canopy by the water with a great view.  It was rather breezy to say the least but no RAIN which was a great positive.

The waiter was good but told us right at the start that if you order food it will be at least one hour before getting it.  We all understood and stayed because we could at least hear the music from the stage area and we had great company. The food came out and we all ate and left each going their own way home or wherever the road took them.


  • -- Debbie R

  • Thanks to Suzy S and Willie L for the pictures

Woody's River Roo Pub & Grill

Fred C, Debbie C, Carolyn S, Beverly C and Bill C

Phil R, Mike R, John Jr, John K, Terri G, Jerry G, and Arnaldo C

Marshall R, Debbie R, Frances W, John W, Nancy R, and Randy R

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