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Summer Picnic


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Saturday afternoon was a great time to have 40+ members, new and old, get together for a great Luau buffet and pool party at Water Chase. Thanks to Ginger and Tom for allowing us to use their club house pool and water slide for our group.   Thanks to Candy who researched the 'fixins' for the buffet from cateringbythefamily and setup with Debbie for the Hawaiian flair. The club was glad to provide something different for members instead of the usual beach picnic....of the past. 

     - Nancy R

Thanks to Debbie, Candy, Ginger & Tom for setting up the picnic

The cars

The pool & water slide

Leis for everyone

Ray, Jim & Frank

Alice, Hannah & Cathy

Harold, Ginger, Tom, Hannah, Laura, Arnaldo & Alice (back)

Glenn, Laura R, Susan K, Jack, Carolyn & Paul

John W (Where's Frances?)

Glenn & Laura

The cars

The cars

Our spot for a luau


And, heerrrrreesss . . NANCY

Harold & Hannah

Paul, Glenn, Laura R, Susan K, Jack & Carolyn

Jim, Mike & Peyton

Suzy, Dave, Jim & Carol

Randy & Nancy


Chuck & Denise


Whazzername & Debbie

Dan. Tom, Jim R & Jim B

Laura C, Harold & Arnaldo cooling their heels

Vilawan & Jerry

Dan & Jim

Willie, Debbie & Candy

The cars

The clubhouse

Jim & Carol

Frank & Marge

Bill & Cynthia (CJ)

Nancy, Lew, Sandy, Chuck, Denise, Ruthie & Larry (Randy's brother)

Willie - chillin' 

Our luau area across the pool

Randy, Vilawan & Paul

Arnaldo & Laura

CJ & Carolyn

Randy & Nancy with Randy's brother, Larry & Ruthie

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