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01-For slide show.jpg
3-At Big Lots.jpg

Meeting at Big Lots getting ready to head out

4-At Big Lots.jpeg

The cars

5-At Big Lots.jpg

More of the cars

6-At Big Lots.jpeg

. . and more of the cars

7-At Big Lots.jpg

. . . and more of the cars

8-At Big Lots.jpg

Some of the group

9-Debbies new pride and joy.jpg

Debbie's new pride and joy (2015)

10-Drivers Meeting.jpg

Willie conducting a drivers' meeting


Getting close . . . 3 more blocks


Yaaaayyyy ! We're here !!


Dis is da joint

15-Denise, Chuck & Willie ordering.jpeg

Denise, Chuck, Willie & Cathy ordering

16-Inside  da joint.jpg

Place your order here


The dining room

20-Top Dog Award.jpg

This plaque says it all

18-Menu.jpg 2015-6-30-11:7:42

Can we still get these prices??


Yum !!

22-Chowing down.jpg

Chowing down

23-David & Teresa.jpg

Teresa & David

19-Elvis Corner.jpg

The Elvis corner

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