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Acropolis Greek Taverna


Eleven of us (including a guest) and six cars showed up for the Saturday 7-30 mystery lunch cruise.  For you guys who stayed home . . . . your misfortune.  We had a great time.  We met at Bob Evans on Fletcher near I-75 and after organizing a bit, Nancy led us down back roads to a Greek restaurant in Ybor City - The Acropolis, Greek Taverna.  We had a blast.  Hit just a bit of rain in one part of our trip, but that was quickly over and we had good weather for the rest of the time.  It really makes for good comaraderie when a bunch of club members get together to enjoy our Vettes together.  There's nothing like seeing a string of Vettes lined up going down the road.  And, the more, the better.  For those of you who couldn't make it or decided not to, I really hope you'll change you mind and join us on our next outing. We get to share the joy of caravaning in our Vettes and building friendships.   Come join us next time. 


  • -- Jerry M

  • Thanks to Suzy S and Willie L for the pictures

We met at Bob Evans on Fletcher to begin our mystery cruise

Here come David and Rose

Jerry joined the group

Nancy passing out navigation notes and organizing before we head out

Good parking spots with just a short walk to the restaurant

OK, everyone.  Let's go to the open air market to kill some time

Real short walk to the market across from the parking lot

Chuck H, Jerry M's friend from Tallahassee joined us.  Talking with Jim and Suzi

And here's Tom C

Our chariots ready to move out

And here we go - on our way

We got to Ybor City a little early and needed to kill a little time until the restaurant opened

Group picture before walking over to the market place

Let's see what they have in here

Something for the puppies

Jim & Suzi

Suzi & Chuck


 We sat around outside in the shade of the awning gabbing and waiting for the doors to open

 David & Rose

Let's head over to the restaurant 

And here we are at The Acropolis, Greek Taverna.  Still a few minutes 'til they open

Alright, alright, alright !!  Let's eat

Jerry finally got another Vette, a 2015

Chuck, Tom, Nancy, David, Randy, Rose, Jim, Suzi, Mark & Polly

Another shot of our Vettes

Just look in that rear view mirror.  WOW

Chuck just didn't understand THIS kind of behavior.  Do something with that woman, Randy

Chuck seemed to enjoy the Vettes.  We do too, don't we?

Veggies really looked good

That means don't even THINK about it

Must be serious conversation

Interesting stores near the restaurant.  Just glad this wasn't the menu

The Acropolis

Randy, Nancy & Polly

Nancy 'splainin' things to the waitress

Chuck and Jim ready to eat

Hey !!  What happened to that column??

We are sooo ready.  LET'S EAT !!

Our well fed group ready to head home.  We had a great time and terrific meal

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