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4th    OF   JULY   PARADE


4th Of July Parade - Lutz, FL


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Sun 'N Fun Vettes participated in the Lutz, FL 4th of July parade with the Marine Forever Veterans group that meets in Lutz regularly. This was the third time that Marines Forever was in the parade. Randy R. joined this group some months ago and I asked if our club could be included and carry Vets in our Vettes.   We had 7 cars and five riders.  Unfortunately two of the riders ran late and couldn't get through because roads had been blocked off. Our Vettes were decorated and the crowds loved seeing the veterans riding on top of them.....they shouted 'See ya next year'.  It was a very hot day but we had plenty of water.  Harold W. carried the founder of the Marines Forever group with our club sign. Merv carried Sgt Garrett P. representing veterans of Afghanistan, John K. carried Korean War Marine Cpl. Olsteen, Marine GySgt Randy R. representing veterans of the Vietnam era was driven by Bill Towsen, Jerry M. and Gary M. rode proudly with sign's of their riders who couldn’t make it to the parade. Wayne and Butch C. brought up the rear with club signs waving vigorously to the crowd. Nancy ran beside and took pictures.  The crowd, including children was really enthusiastic, waving to us and saying over and over how much they appreciated the veterans . . .AND . . .how much they liked the Vettes.  We were very excited to learn that the corvettes put the Marine's Forever Group 'Over the top' and the unit won the Judges’ Choice trophy out of 68 participating units.  Afterwards we went to the Breakfast Nook and had a great breakfast/lunch meal outside.  


The group at our marshalling point

Nancy made signs for our cars

Signs tell which vet or dignitary is riding

Gary & Polly are about ready

We had 7 cars

. . and a neat way to mount the signs

John's about ready

Jerry & Vilawan are about ready

. . and they don't scratch the cars

Merve's about ready

Wayne & Butch are about ready

Last minute checks

Randy waiting til the last minute to put on that hot coat

Gunny Randy R & comrade, Sgt Garrett P.

Harold W. carried the founder of the Marine Forever group

Vilawan says "Get this show on the road"s hot out here"

Harold heading out

Our cars are ready to roll

The marines agree . . it's time to roll

John on the road with his rider - a Korean War vet

Afghanistan vet, Sgt Garrett being driven by Merve W.

Gary & Polly flying the Colors

The crowd was huge in spite of the heat

The crowd loved the vets in Vettes

Gary & Polly pass in review

The crowd yelling, "Thanks for your service" 

Jerry & Vilawan with sign honoring absent Vietnam vet

Here comes Randy.  Yaaayyyy !!

Sgt Garrett P.

Wayne & Butch C. 

When it was all over, our vets in Vettes won the top prize - The Judges' Choice Trophy

Next stop - FOOD !!

John, Bill, Gary, Polly, Randy & Nancy

Gary & Polly

The Breakfast Nook - a neat place

Vilawan, Joan & Merve

John K (HEY !!  I was SECOND !!)

Pretty good menu

Butch & Wayne

The group (missing Harold W.)

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