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Linger  Lodge  Lunch   Cruise

Linger Lodge Lunch Cruise


Thirteen of us with 8 cars showed up for the Saturday 8-13 lunch cruise to Linger Lodge in Bradenton. 

We left Bob Evans on Fletcher near I-75 at 10 a.m. and cruised down Highway 301 and who knows what back roads for about two hours.  Eight Vettes lined up on the highway was really a beautiful sight.  Jim and Suzi S led the way and were masters at leading the pack.  A really well paced cruise.


We must have gone by way of north Miami (not really), but had a really good cruise.  After all, riding along in a string of Corvettes is what these cruises are all about. That and the good time with friends. We got to Linger Lodge about noon and were plenty ready for lunch - AND A PIT STOP.


No matter how you looked at it, you'd have to say this was a unique experience.  Linger Lodge is really a different type of place.  Lots of stuffed critters and overflowing with red neck atmosphere.  A great menu and plenty of unusual things to choose from.  Frog legs, craw dads, fried green tomatoes - lotsa good stuff.  Ask Frank G about the frog legs.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals and when we left, we left full.  We had a great time.


  • -- Jerry M

  • Thanks to Suzy S and Willie L for the pictures

We met at Bob Evans on Fletcher to begin our lunch cruise

Vettes behind

Let's go eat


The Group

Arriving at Linger Lodge

Vettes in the parking lot


On the road = Vettes in front of me

Spruce up that parking lot with a fleet of Vettes


The technical term is "Shiny Black"

Main Entrance - Classy, huh?

Study that menu

Salt & Pepper?

Frank had catfish & Greens.  Looks good.

Now we're chowin' down

Wiley Coyote says "Welcome"

Are you actually gonna order THAT, Willie????

Lookit' the critters

Catfish & Fries

The well fed crew

OK, everyone.  Grab a seat.

Salt & Pepper anyone?

Gator having Leg o' man

Frog legs

(Ya just gotta ask Frank G about this menu item)

Click to see the Road Kill Menu (Yum)

(Dare ya to look)

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