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Cheesecake Factory Breakfast 2014


It was a beautiful Sunday morning for our last Corvette Christmas Breakfast.  We met at International Mall in front of The Cheesecake Factory at 9:30 am till the doors opened up at 10:00.  We were able to take the group to the back and had a great room with a full Atrium above us.  The atmosphere was great.  We had 4 tables with plenty of good food and great company.  Thank you all for coming it was nice to see new people and some older members attend. 

Frank & Theresa

Debbie C. (back to camera), Fred,  Nancy & Randy

Tom, Debbie R. & Elliana

Theresa, Anne & George

Debbie C. (back to camera), Fred, Nancy & Randy

Alex's Mom, Alex, Jim & Pat

The Group

The Atrium

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