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Christmas Party 2014


It's Saturday, December 13th - time to have a great Christmas Party again at the Groves clubhouse in Lutz which is home to a lot of our members.  The decorating crew started at 4:30 setting up tables, chairs, table settings, getting the stage ready with all the presents and pointsettias.  The room was filled with colorful decorations, music, laughter and flowing spirits.  People started arriving around 6pm, signing in with Nancy and Debbie and received their name badges and raffle tickets.  We had about 62 members and 14 guests present.  Our guests were from Tampa Bay Vettes and the Sun City Corvette Club and were invited because they had helped us so much working with the high school homecomings this year.  As soon as everyone found a seat we started the evening with a few words from Frank C. thanking our guests for their help.  He also introduced our new board members for 2015.  We started the food line with our guests.  The food was fantastic - a full buffet with Turkey & Stuffing and all the fixin's. We then proceeded with the raffle. Frank and Debbie called out numbers and gave each couple or single a gift this year.  We had over 40 gifts to buy, wrap, and raffle out.  Everyone enjoyed their gifts from what we've heard.  Debbie also presented gift cards to Dave G., Terry Y, and Lucretia Y for all the years they have been in office and were now stepping down. We thank you again for all your help. The night ended at 10:00pm.  Thanks to all the people that worked to make this such a pleasant evening with friends and holiday cheer. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Members and their families.  See you next year....

Some of the dessert goodies

Tami & Dave L

Frank C & Hannah W

Gary & Trish L

Hannah W, Debbie R, Frank C & John K Jr.

John K & John Jr.

Nancy & Randy R

Butch & Wayne C

Samplin' the Goodies

Carol & Dave C

David G, & Lucretia & Terry Y receiving club service awards

Ed B

Frank C, Nancy R, and Debbie R

Polly & Gary M

Gary M, Randy R & Bill C

George & Anne G

Alice, Hannah & Harold W

June & Jim J

Lewis B & Sandy M

Mike & Patricia H

Tom & Ginger P

Julie & Wally Z

Wayne & Jane P

Lynndranette & Willie L

Willie E & Mary Ann B

Cheri & Dick H - Friends from the Sun City Corvette Club

Friends From Tampa Bay Vettes

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