12-15-2018    CHRISTMAS    PARTY

2018 Christmas Party


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Well, it's that time of year.  And we SNFers (say "sniffers") were ready for it.  

We had our annual Christmas party at The Groves club house in Land 'O Lakes north of Tampa and had the dinner catered.  We had a "FEED WHAT WAS A FEED" to say the least.  The food seemed to be especially good this year.  Turkey, ham, stuffing (dressing for those north of the mason-dixon line), veggies, salad and a special cake.  Really, really good food.  

As good as the food was, the "mingling" was even better.  We really had a good time together.  We had a raffle drawing for prizes, then a "Chinese gift exchange", and, would you believe, an indoor snowball fight.  Fun night.

We had a fabulous time and if you missed it, you really missed something special.

The check-in table with Debbie issuing name tags

Gene and Peggy checking in

The tree and the gifts - raffle and exchange gifts

Tom, Ginger, Frank and Jim

The tree and the exchange gifts

Jim B, Ray and Jim R

Jerry G, Julie, John H, Laura & Arnaldo

Wally, John W and Dan

Neil, John K and Denise

Terri, Irene & Deb R

Tom & Ginger, Bill & Tina and Jim S

Frances & Suzy

Jim B and Ray

Harold, Maude and Hannah

Randy & Nancy

John H and Debbie

Cathy & Dan


Randy & Nancy, Wally & Julie, Frances, & John, and Jerry G

Check that menu

String beans & Stuffing

Potatoes & Ham


Our Special Cake

Dave G, Cathy & Dan and Ed - time to eat

Debbie says we'll do the raffle thing while we eat

Nancy and Randy each won raffle prizes

Debbie in her elf garb starting the gift exchange.

Frank picking his gift

Frances picking her gift

John Jr, Big John K, Chuck and Denise, Frank and Deb R