10-27-2018    Johnson's BBQ

Johnson's BBQ


It's weird.  The only web page so far for 2018 events is of a cruise back in March to the same place - Johnson's BBQ in Plant City.  We evidently like the place.  The weather for the cruise was overcast but no rain.  Really kind of perfect for the convertibles.  We started out with 9 Vettes and 17 people but ended up with 10 Vettes and 19 people.  Not a bad turn out.  We met at Bob Evans near I-75 and Fletcher and when we were all present and accounted for, headed out. 


We had a pretty hectic start heading south on I-75 (I-75 is ALWAYS hectic) and exiting on HIighway 60 in Brandon (heavy traffic).  Randy and Nancy joined us after we turned off the interstate so we had 10 Vettes in a row - a beautiful sight.  Then we got onto some "outback" country roads and had a beautiful cruise.  Some of the roads were not much wider than the cars.  Out through cow pasture and farm country - really nice.  Even a lot of canopy roads where we felt like we were driving through tunnels formed by the overhanging trees.

Joe E's brother James, and Jerry M's son Tim joined us.  We had a great time together and, of course, the food at Johnson's BBQ was outstanding.  If you weren't with us, you missed a good time.

- jerry m

Here's where we met - Bob Evans near I-75 and Fletcher

The Vettes are starting to show up

Some of the cars

More of the cars

And. . . more of the cars

A group shot at our starting place

One more group picture before we head out

Canopy road in the back country

Another shot of a canopy road

In the outback

Is that a pretty site or what - those Vettes

Johnson's BBQ is at the Farmers' Market

Eye candy when we pulled in together and parked

Here we are

Inside shot

Shrimp and grits


Soooo good

Waiting for our waitress

Study those menues

Study 'em hard

Orders are in

Food came after this picture . Too full to take any more pictures.