8-15-2020 Stumpknockers

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On a gray Saturday morning, we met at the parking lot behind McDonalds near Hwy 41 and SR 54.  The weather was "iffy" at best but being the superb weathermen that we are, we decided "no problem. We'll be ahead of the rain." - - - W R O N G !!! - - -  We were in and out of torrential rain the whole trip.  The good side of this is that all the bugs were washed off our Vettes.  We had 6 Vettes and a Camaro to grace the highway.  A couple more members joined us there so, we had a total of 15 members willing to brave the stormy weather for some really terrific Southern style seafood.  

And . . . . . . we had a great time.

The group getting ready to head out

OK, Everyone (well, maybe not everyone) together for a picture

See those clouds???   See John's convertible top down???  Enjoy the drive, John.

Team player that she is, Frances jumped in to help take pictures for our event webpage

Everyone give Frances a big hug for taking our group picture

Debbie calling ahead to make our reservation for a big table

T h e   v i e w   m o s t   p e o p l e   h a v e   of    C o r v e t t e s

OK.  We're on our way

This is it

Here we are all seated together

Look at those rain clouds waiting for us

The entrance

Time to decide what we want to eat

After a very wet drive, we made it

The restaurant is on a river and on previous visits on sunny days, we took a cruise on the river.

The Stumpknockers menu

Some time for chit-chat while we're waiting for our drinks

Study that menu and get your order in

Yummm !!  Look at that seafood.

Gator tail, anyone???  Jim's sharing.