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1-21-2023 5-BRIDGE RUN

On Saturday January 21, 2023 we held our first Corvette cruise of the year.  We had a nice turn out. First to arrive at the meeting location was our fearless club leader John H and his wife Irene.  Warren R showed up next followed by Dave G, Wally and Julie Z, John and Francis W, Harold W, John and Edie R, Debbie and Jim R, and Arnaldo and Laura C.  We met around 8:50am at the Office Depot at S. Falkenberg Drive and Adamo Drive.  

Our VP, Debbie was suppose to lead the trip but due to some minor technical problems with her beautiful 2020 C8, it was still in the shop, so John and Irene led the way.


We traveled about 95 miles and it took us 2 1/2 hours including a 30 minute layover to take pictures with the group at the Skyway Bridge rest area.   The weather forecast predicted rain, but, thankfully, we just had some overcast skies and no rain.  All-in-all, it was  great weather for cruising the Vettes.


Here's a map of our cruise (blue line).  

From our starting point we traveled south on US 41 to the south end of I-275 where we turned to make our way over the Sunshine Skyway bridge.  We stopped at the Skyway Bridge rest area for about 30 minutes to take pictures of our Vettes with the main span of the bridge in the background, and, of course to use the "necessary" rooms.  Then we proceeded to cross the Skyway Bridge, the Gandy Bridge, the Howard-Franklin Bridge, the Bayside Bridge, and finally the Courtney Campbell Causeway.   A string of Corvettes crossing a bridge is a beautiful sight.  Turns a lot of heads.  At the end of the Causeway, we had lunch at the Bahama Breeze restaurant on the water.  A great cruise.

2 Forming up at the starting point.jpg

Forming up at the start point

3 Beautifying the parking lot.jpg

Beautifying the parking lot

4 Irene, John W, Jim R.jpg

Irene H, John W, Jim R

5 Debbie giving the drivers' briefing.jpg

Debbie giving the drivers' briefing

6 Chit-chat before we leave.jpg

Sooo much to talk about before we leave

7 About ready to head out.jpg

About ready to head out

8 At the Skyway Bridge rest stop - Group Picture for of the Vettes (8).jpg

At the Skyway Bridge rest stop

9 (L-R) Frances, Edie, Irene, Laura, Arnaldo, Dave, & Jim.jpg
Pelican 3.gif

(L-R) Frances, Edie, Irene, Laura, Arnaldo, Dave, & Jim

10 Julie, John & Frances W, and Wally.jpg

Julie, John & Frances W, and Wally

11 Arnaldo and Dave.jpg

Arnaldo and Dave

12 Dave and Arnaldo.jpg

Dave and Arnaldo

13 Irene & Frances.jpg
Animal-pelicaneatingfishanimated copy.gif

Irene & Frances

14 Irene, Dave. Armaldo.jpg

Irene, Dave. Armaldo

17 Vettes 2.jpg


20 Arnaldo & Laura's 2010.jpg

Arnaldo & Laura's 2010

15 Harold, Arnaldo, Dave.jpg

Harold, Arnaldo and Dave

16 Vettes 1.jpg


18 Warren's 2019.jpg

Warren's 2019

19 Wally & Julie's 2009.jpg

Wally & Julie's 2015

21 Dave & Rose's 2008.jpg

Dave & Rose's 2008

22 Harold & Alice's 1997.jpg

Harold & Alice's 1997

23 John & Edie's 1999.jpg

John & Edie's 1999

24 John & Frances' 2015 .jpg

John & Frances' 2015

25 John & Irene's 2011.jpg

John & Irene's 2011

26 Skyway Bridge - View from our rest stop.jpg

Skyway Bridge - View from our rest stop

27 Let's move out.  Where's Wally & Julie's Vette __.jpg

Let's move out.  Where's Wally & Julie's Vette ??

28 Crossing the Skyway Bridte Heading for the Gandy .jpg

Crossing the Skyway Bridge Heading for the Gandy


Our lunch stop - The Bahama Breeze

33 Warren headin' for the food.jpg

Warren headin' for the food


Indoor dining . . . 


. . or outdoor dining.


Dining indoors or outdoors . . . the food is GREAT

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