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Muscle Car City

Muscle Car City



Saturday morning bright and early, we met at Bob Evans near Fletcher and I-75 and, about 9:30 a.m. we headed south for Punta Gorda and Muscle Car City.  Our club has made this outing a couple of times before and always seem to enjoy it.  Some of us got rained on as we headed to our meeting place and were afraid we'd run into rain on the interstate.  But we made the whole trip in pretty dry conditions.  

We had six vettes (and one non-vette) and twelve folks (including Willie's grandson) on this cruise and, for the most part managed to stay grouped together on the 100+ mile trip down to Punta Gorda.  We all enjoyed seeing those beautiful cars in the collection and, as always we enjoyed each others company.  Some of us ate a bite at the Muscle Car City cafe but some saved themselves for dinner after we headed for home.

- Jerry M

Our group ready to head South

Our cars

Cars parked.  In we go

Shopping area

A sign for everything

Dave, Rose, Denise and Chuck browsing

There were old bikes


Even wooden Vettes


Classic old pumps

Some new



Very nice art work


Of course there were Vettes

This Vette had 2 doors, or so the sign said

And TOY Vettes

There were race cars


Bad Dude

At Muscle Car city

The cafe

Model cars

Car parts

Need a tag?

Vintage fuel pumps

Some old



And without doubt, all the "used cars" we saw were "OK"


'60 Merc

Lots of old cars

Really rare old trucks

Beautiful old luxury cars


And old trucks


Celery Stalk Green '35 Cad

Buick Reatta - only 237 miles

Old cars

Beautiful old trucks



John & Irene looking for a good deal

So, whata'ya think?

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