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Club Picnic


Our group ready to head out

Our group

Marge and Frank

Bill, Midge and Rich

Irene and John in their highly modified Vette

Debbie doing her thing

Hannah (back seat) and Alice

Debbie calling drivers in for a meeting

Nice view in rear view mirror

Jerry G., Debbie, John K. and Harold

And here we are - Fred Howard Park

Park the cars and grab the food

The "NECESSARIES" .  How's the water, Paul?

There's our pavillion

Our pavillion with the gulf beyond

Getting set up

Carolyn S.

Cornhole game


Ginger and Marge in deep discussion

Carolyn, Marge and Ginger

Bonnie and Robin bringin' in the food

Jerry G. samplin'

Marge - Rich keeps her in the latest fashions

Midge and Bill

Terri G. with Chuck and Denise

Jerry G., John K. and Denise

Alice, Irene and John H.

Jerry G. and Harold

Alice, Hannah and Irene

Tom and Frank

Chuck and Jerry G - our cooks

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