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00 - Philippe Park Entrance.jpg

5-15-2021 Picnic

at Philippe Park 

On a perfect day for an outing, our group met at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor for our club picnic.

Everyone agrees that this is where we want to have our future picnics.  A beautiful place and perfect for our picnic.

1 Philippe Park Entrance.jpg
2 Philippe Park 1.jpg
3 Philippe Park 2.jpg

Park entrance

5 Philippe Park 4.jpg
6 Philippe Park 5.jpg
7 Philippe Park 6.jpg
8 Philippe Park 7.jpg
9 Philippe Park Picnic pavalion 8.jpg
10 Philippe Park Picnic pavalion 9.jpg
11 Philippe Park Picnic Paviion 10.jpg
11 Chef Ed.jpg
12 Marge, Rich, Tom & Ginger.jpg

Chef Ed

Marge, Rich, Tom & Ginger

Irene, John, JD & Carol

14 Warren.jpg


15  Joe & Marie with John W and Cathy B.

Joe & Marie with John W & Cathy B

13 Irene, John, JD and Carol.jpg
16 Julie and Debbie.jpg

Julie & Debbie

19 Marshall, Winston Ch. . . uh, John W

Marshal, Winston Church . . . uh, John W, Dave G and Wally

17 Cathy, Dan, Wally & Julie.jpg

Cathy, Dan, Wally & Julie

20 Chuck, Denise, Marshall & Jim R.jpg

Chuck & Denise, Marshall and Jim R

18 John & Frances with Wally & Julie.jpg

John & Frances, Wally & Julie

21 Jim R making sure none of Cathy's ama

Jim R making sure none of Cathy's amazing banana pudding goes beggin'

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