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Fedor's Fiftieth


Rich and Marge invited us all to their house to celebrate their fiftieth (that's 50th) anniversary with them. What a great accomplishment and what an inspiration to all of us.


We had a good turn out with club members, Rich and Marge's family, friends, and members of the Cadillac and Pontiac clubs they belong to.  Plenty of good food and good company.

Corvettes were there - of course

Al & Helen's gorgious '59 Impala

. . .and Ray's (??) Jag (very nice)

Lots of good food

At one time there was Sangria in this bowl 

The food was good - just ask Jim

Wudja just take the %#@* picture so I can eat this???

Is Vilawan sneaking in for seconds??

Dave, Rose, Theresa, Debbie and Helen

Ginger & Tom with Candy & Vilawan

Frank & Jim hard at work

Helen & Frances . . . and Candy

Suzy, Theresa, Rose & Dave

Rose & Candy

Suzy & Vilawan

Lisa with Vilawan & Suzy

And then there was "THE GARAGE"

Rich & Marge's '64 Vette over a beautiful '60 Buick

Rich holding court explaining what all he has going on in that garage

Al . . . . just chillin'

Dave, Frank, Tom and Jim letting all that good food settle

What an incredible anniversary cake - even the picture is edible

Rich & Marge cutting the cake

Can ya' believe it?  After 50 years they're still at it.  As Archie Bunker would say, "In the middle of broad daylight for no good reason at all."

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