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Mystery Cruise - Woody's River Roo Pub & Grill


It was a beautiful chilly morning in the low 40's. We had 15 cars with 27 members and two guests leaving Bob Evan's restaurant on Morris Bridge Rd  at 9:30 am after driver's meeting.  We headed down Morris Bridge Rd to hwy 301 for an hour's ride to Woody's River Roo on the Manatee River.  Great early parking before the crowd comes.  The weather was warmed up with the sunshine to 60's. This place is very popular with car and bike clubs with music on Saturday afternoon. Everyone loved the outdoors and the motto 'Roo with a view'.  Food was VERY good with lots of selections.  Thanks for the great participation. Stay tuned for the next one.

The group - At Bob Evans ready to head south

Woody's River Roo where life is good

The Cars

Outdoor Dining

Lunch Crowd

Vilawan, Wally & Julie

Caution Sign

Arnaldo, Frank & Carolyn

Woo Woo Woo

Malibu Punch Bucket

Wildlife Rescue had an exhibit

Drivers Meeting before we head out

The Cars

Woody's River Roo Restaurant

The Bandstand

More of the Lunch Crowd

Willie, Tami & Dave

Tami & Dave

Randy - Just Thinkin'

Debbie, Elliana, Willie & Tami

Phil, Janet, Barry & Lisa

Wildlife Rescue - Owl

Drivers Meeting

The Cars

Entrance to Outdoor Dining

The Bar

Nice View

Randy & Nancy & Friends

Paul & Carolyn with Arnaldo

Dan & Cathy with Rose & Dave

Julie & Vilawan

Suzy, Jim, Dave & Carol

Every little girl should have a huge, giant, man-eater snake for a pet

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