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On a slightly dreary Saturday afternoon we had eight cars and sixteen members travel from Land 'O Lakes up to STUMPKNOCKERS Restaurant on the Withlacoochee River in Dunnellon for a late lunch early dinner.   The rain was off and on but we had a great ride on the back roads. With the drizzling rain, we were ready to enter and sit down to a great meal. After we ordered, some of us went out to look at the very swollen river high on the banks from all of the rain that we had for weeks. The river had covered a lot of the tables and seats at the end of the ramp.  The ramp was for getting into the boats for the Lazy River Cruises. We had lots of GREAT food, especially the catfish, and conversation.  Some even had room for dessert !  

 - Nancy

Stumpknockers on the Withalakoochee River

Lookit' that menu

Yummmmmmm !!

The river is really UP

WOW !!   REALLY UP !!!


Dave and Tami L. with Phil and Janet R.

John and Frances W., Marge and Rich F., Jim and Susie S., Carol and Dave C., Jerry and Terri G., Randy and Nancy R.

Jerry and Terri G. with their new 2015 C7 coupe

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