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Bok Tower Picnic


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18 club members and 5 guests turned out for the Bok Tower Picnic.  Good turnout and we had a great, Florida day for an outdoor event. Nothing will be mentioned about the caravan leader getting everyone lost on the way (nope, not a word) - but to put in perspective just H-O-W lost they were, one of the drivers got separated from the main gaggle, had no idea where they were going and still arrived at Bok Tower 20 minutes before the others.  But, shhhhh. . . . not a word about that.  


When everyone started coming into the parking area at Bok Gardens, we discovered a parking lot problem - all parking lanes run in the same direction, from the entrance road to the exit road.  If you came down a row, passed a parking spot and thought you'd loop back on the next lane and come back to it, you were in for a surprise.  To get back to the spot, you had to go all the way around the whole parking lot using the perimeter road.  But, Corvette transmissions have "Reverse" and we quickly solved that problem and got all the cars parked fairly close to each other.  Of course, a park employee was obligated to come over and fuss at us a little about our "hazardous" maneuvers.  But, as is usually true, it was easier to get forgiveness than to get permission.  


We split up with some wanting to set up picnics and eat first; the rest anxious to start exploring Bok Tower Gardens.  We had a great day, a beautiful day for this event, and really enjoyed the beauty of Bok Tower Gardens.

The group - Finally got the cars parked

Go ahead, Jim.  Take a chip.  You KNOW you want it.

Marshall, Elliana & Vilawan

 What's this - No table cloth?

Let's head for the tower

Edward Bok's office

Bill, Paul & Libby looking up at the tower

Debbie, Libby & Carolyn

Etsie, Rose, David, Carolyn & Libby

Picnic Time - Chomp, chomp, gulp, slurp, urp.

Hey Marshall - Wanna' share that sandwich?

C'mon everyone.  This way.

Candy says "The big bell is this big"

A resident

Debbie, Elliana & Friend

Bill, Etsie, Suzy & Jim

Beautiful trails to walk

Little John and Big John

People of class use a table cloth

Carolyn, Paul, Libby & Marshall

The Tower - Beautiful

Vilawan & Etsie at the tower

Vilawan, Etsie & Bill

Paul & Marshall - A long hot walk after a picnic will do this to you

Frances & John

View West from Iron Mountain

Rose & David

Cooling down before heading for ice cream

How's that for ground cover?

That's NOT red paint

The Bok mansion - Pinewood Estate

Candy, Vilawan, Etsie & Bill 

Ice cream just beyond this door

Beautiful Plants

Orange trees at the mansion


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