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Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival

Antique Boat Festival


Bright and early Saturday morning, our Sun 'n Fun Vettes group met in the Publix grocery store parking lot at Hwy 54 and Bruce B. Downs Blvd. in Wesley Chapel and headed out for Tavares, FL and the annual antique boat festival.  We had a good cruise to Tavares, parked in the parking garage near the boat show location and spent the day looking at some of the most beautiful boats you'll see anywhere.  There were also some old woodie wagons and the Amphicar club was there with their car-boats.  Seaplane and helicopter rides were available for a price.  We had a gorgious Florida day for this outing. 


A few pictures of the boat show are shown on this page, but you can click the link above and see a slideshow of many more pictures of the boats, cars and planes.    


- Jerry M

Ready to head for Tavares

Walking from the parking garage to the boat show entrance

Rose & Dave

John's sister & her husband, John, Frances, Dan & Cathy, Debbie, Dave & Rose

Woodie Hot Rod

Don't see these every day

Dave, Rose, Debbie & John

I see 'em!  I see 'em!  Now, how do we get in

Debbie, Rose & Dave on a "fast" boat ride

A Ford Woodie

The Grill says it's a woodie

The Amphicars were there

Seaplane rides were available

Here's one

Look at that wood work

Jerry, Rose, Dave, Frances & John

We found the hardest possible way to get to the entrance

OK.  It's lunch time.  Where we gonna eat ?

Another Woodie

 A few other cars were there

Here's what the Amphicars do (internet picture)

And those beautiful woody boats

Oops.   Not this one.


That's two Chevy V-8s

A whole lot more to see.  Go to the top of the page and click the button for the slideshow.

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