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Ethnic Dining - Abuelo's Taste of Mexico


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Sunday afternoon was a fun time to cruise with a group of friends to Lakeland, Florida. We had 10 cars and 17 members travel to enjoy Abuelo's  Mexican restaurant.  The rides were '74 maroon, '91 yellow, pair of '93 40th burgundy anniversaries,  '99 black hardtop - a unique look, '06 orange, '07 red, '08 red, '10 yellow Grand Sport and green '14.  Thanks to Jerry and Vilawan for suggesting this location.  Fun for all....please plan on joining us next time.


Entrance to dining area

Vilawan with Abuelo (grandfather) and boy

Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Our table before the crowd arrived

Studying the menu

Candy & Jerry

Vilawan, Debbie, Suzy & Jim

Ready to order

They're called Jalepenos, John

Yummmm - Worth waiting for

Cathy:  "This stuff is HOT !!!"

Dan:  "Mmmppphffff"

Dan & Cathy

Vilawan, Debbie, Suzy, Jim, David, Rose, Nancy & Randy

Tom, Candy & Jerry

Arnaldo & Laura

John, Dan, Cathy, Phil, Arnaldo, Laura, Tom & Candy

Phil & Arnaldo

The group

The cars

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