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Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Home of Winter & Hope


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On a beautiful Sunday morning, we had seven cars with 19 members and guests meet at Publix on Anderson Rd. in Tampa and travel to Cheddars for lunch.  Great food and lots of it.  We then left for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, home of the dolphins, Hope and Winter and many other sea creatures.  Debbie had purchased our tickets ahead of time and that gave us more time to find parking!  We all went at our own pace through the multi-level facility and saw the surgery, rehab, and food prep as well as the underwater tanks with nurse sharks, and assorted fish and the main wet area for the dolphins training and show.   We also viewed the documentary on how the baby female dolphin, Winter was rescued and transported from the east coast waters via truck straight, nonstop to Clearwater.


-Nancy R


Note :  Music playing is "Dolphin Dance" from the motion picture Dolphin Tale

Our group ready to head out

Debbie, Randy, Nancy, Jim & June & Willie E

A very popular stuffed toy

. . . and this moray eel

Ya gotta have sharks in an aquarium

This is why we're here

One of the dolphins

A trainer with one of the dolphins

First stop - Cheddars for a good lunch

Evelyn & Elliana (on right) and friends.

View out to the harbor

There were turtles

Aquatic clowns - Otters

Click to hear Hope and Winter say "Let's play."  

A trainer and a turtle 

Randy, Justin (Willie's son) and Willie L (Don't listen to rumors - Justin did NOT try on that artificial tail)

Rich, Willie, Justin, Dave, Carol, Suzy, Jim S & Marge

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Lots of sea critters - like this hermit crab

This little guy was broke and had to be fixed

Sting rays

Can you say "Awwww"

The performance pool

And, THAT's The End of a dolphin's tail

Click here to learn how Winter lost her tail and of treatment she received.  Pretty amazing.  

Click here to watch trainers attending to Winter 

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