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Amish Heritage - Ethnic Dining


On a beautiful Saturday we had 6 cars and 12 members to head south to Sarasota and the Amish Der Dutchman for lunch.  After an hour we reached the restaurant and some ordered from the menu and others enjoyed the large buffet, salads, great fried or broasted chicken, veggies and breads. Afterward, we cruised thru the first floor looking at all the baked goods, cakes, cinnamon buns, cookies, fudge, breads, pies, souvenirs and packaged items. Some folks made it up to the second floor to the gift shop with quilts, blankets, glassware and so on. We could really spend a lot of time in that 'candy store'! A goood time was had by all.  Sorry Debbie was under the weather and couldn't make.

- Nancy R

Great food - buffet or off the menu

Joan gets her bread pudding

Cakes and pastries

Willie trying to find his butterscotch pie under the cream

The staff

A cake being carried out

Jim wants a cookie

Lots of goodies

Pickled beets anyone?

The troops are searching the joint

Randy - Do I buy this or not?

Coffee mugs (actually salt & pepper shakers

Carol likes the salt & pepper shakers

Lots of cakes and pastries

Mary Ann, Jim, Willie, Merv, Joan, Dave (Where's Carol?), & Randy

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