2-19-2019   MYKONOS

2-9-2019 Mykonos Restaurant, Tarpon Springs

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On February 9th, we met in Kohl's parking log on Van Dyke Road and headed west to Tarpon Springs.  We were headed for Mykonos Greek restaurant in Tarpon Springs.  We had about half a dozen Vettes for the cruise and about 14 members (a couple members met us at the restaurant).  We had a good cruise and a great time together gourging ourselves on delicious Greek food.  After our meal, several members walked down the street for some pastry or ice cream for dessert.   We had a great time together and all-in-all, it was a great day.

The group getting ready to head out

String of Vettes - on our way

In the parking lot at Mykonos

In the parking lot at Mykonos

And here we are.  Seated and hungry

Studying the menu.  Everything sounds good

Chuck F and Suzy S

No idea what it is but it looks good

Tom C and Jim S

Makes me hungry just looking at it

Ate.  Left full.  Had a great time.