4-27-2019   PAPA JOES

4-27-2019 Papa Joes Restaurant, Brooksville

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On Saturday April 27th, we met in McDonalds' parking lot at the intersection of SR 54 and US 41 and left about 2 p.m. for a leisurely back roads cruise to Papa Joes Italian restaurant in Brooksville.  We had 10 cars and 15 members and had a very nice cruise.  We were all ready to eat when we arrived at the restaurant about 3 p.m.  The food was incredible.  Really outstanding.  So we had a very nice outing - nice string of Vettes on the highway, great food, and good friends.  Couldn't ask for better. 

The group getting ready to head out

General Jerry G giving driver instructons

OK, drivers.  Listen up.

The briefing

Any questions??

Our group ready to head out

Parking at Papa Joes

Parking at Papa Joes

Is our table ready yet?

OK, Table's ready.  Let's go.

C'mon guys.  Let's eat !!!

No rush, John

Entrance lobby

The bar

Our group at two tables

Checking the menu

Everything on the menu looks good

Orders placed

Chicken Soprano.   Yuuummmm

Chicken Soprano

Pretty good.  Just ask Terri and Frances

!!!! B U R P !!!!!

Full and happy and ready to leaave