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Newsome High School Homecoming


It was a dark and rainy night but 13 corvettes converged on Newsome High School to serve as chariots for the homecoming king and queen candidates.  It was raining pretty hard when we got there before the opening kickoff, but by half time it was a DOWNPOUR!!  There was no lightning so the game was played. The half time ceremony was pretty much a disaster for the kids, but the Sun 'n Fun group enjoyed the comaraderie of putting up with the weather.  After circling the field with the candidates at half time (no tops down of course), we deposited the kids at tents set up to shelter them from the rain and we made our grand exit.  Miserable weather, but we Corvetteers had fun anyhow - as we always do when we're together.

Lining up in the rain

Nancy "The General" getting everyone organized.

We circled the field to reach our "hold" area, then again when the

     "hold" area was changed.

13 Vettes in a row.  What a sight.

And there's Nancy.  She was out in the rain all night.  It must have taken her 3 days to dry out

Finally settled into our holding spot

And the "crowd" is ready for a football game

The teams are ready

The homecoming queen hopefuls are ready . . . soggy, but ready

Play ball

Making pre-half time adjustments

The homecoming candidates pass in review.  But who knows who's in which car???

OK, home team.  Good luck.  We're outta' here.  They won by 1 point.

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